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The Generals Daughters is unlike any other Marketing Group in Australia. What sets us apart, is our expertise in bringing the most powerful tailored client solutions, by connecting your brand story to your customers through both the Marketing and Sales functions, selling the same story "SMARKETING".


Our core belief lies in the fact that this can only happen through the engagement and power of your people. From our extensive experience managing teams we know that work happiness and team coordination leads to business success. Our core values and philosophy lie in our own brand mantra which is Coordination Beats Command. If your instinct is to order everyone to work together, think again. We can’t create collaboration by top down command.


At The Generals Daughters we start by firstly working with identified key stakeholders to understand your business through our coordinated UnderCover Ops™ - a deep dive research mission that gives us a total understanding of all the complexities as well as all the moving pieces your business.  We then develop a tailored cost proposal that incorporates the required services of each of our departments. 

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