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Sector Experience: In the News
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Without coming out 'all guns blazing', our head of Brand Grenade has over 20 years experience in Advertising and Marketing, working on some of the Worlds coolest brands from Adidas, PacBrands, Fitbit to Grosby - just to name a few. As the retail sector becomes more competitive our passion lies in ensuring that your teams are aligned. From experience, most big brands have disconnection between the Sales and Marketing Team, that's where the TGDs come in. We know you probably already have a great brand and creative. Our services lie in reconnecting the marketing and sales story through our Charge & Trust Program™ or Drill Sales Training™ and effective social content. We aim to realign and connect these two teams for success. 


We are currently working with a number of companies in the Building and Construction sector. In these challenging times we can provide our troops as an outsourced sales and marketing function, to develop our client's brand story and operational sales business picture. Our Under Cover Ops team has also been engaged to review team capacity and the skill set required for an effective marketing and sales function. 

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Our Director of Sales Force spent over 20 years in Banking in various Executive Leadership, Sales & Performance roles, providing team training and implementation of new Sales Methodologies. We have recently been engaged to work with a finance technology startup to design and develop their Sales Team Structure and Branding. Our unique approach is about connecting your team's daily activities with or without technology, for an exceptional customer experience.

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Childcare and Holiday Programs are vastly becoming a competitive category. We have experience in developing Marketing Strategy, Customer Journeys, CRM Implementation as well as competitive Centre Manager Sales and Customer Engagement Training. It's imperative that your front line forces are selling the same story as your brand and acquisition marketing campaigns.

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We have significant experience working with not-for-profits, totally redeveloping brands and business sector reputations through strategic marketing and sales strategies. We also have experience recommending and implementing customer relationship management platforms. 

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The Education Sector is now an extremely competitive one with many Universities and even Schools investing $$$ in Marketing, and somewhat pestering Sales Strategies. Our Team has experience in Marketing as well as working with Schools, and more recently Monash University to develop a Customer Relationship Management Strategy to align with their acquisition marketing. We were also asked to tender and manage the appointment of the digital CRM platform to ensure this was successfully integrated with the Operational Sales Structure, embedded by our Sales Force Team.  In this instance our Brand Control team worked in partnership with their Creative and Digital Agency.

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We generate excitement, engage communities, build commercial value, increase revenue and drive results across key areas such as marketing, media coverage, sales, fan and influencer engagement, digital and social audience reach, organisational trust and customer satisfaction.

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Our experience spans all products and services important to Baby Boomers or Seniors, including automotive, aged care, finance, government, healthcare, retirement, technology, tourism and travel. The Generals Daughters applies a specialised perspective across Sales & Marketing that only comes from a deeper understanding of the 50+ market and audiences. For instance, you may require the best media to reach Seniors, or direct marketing that works for Baby Boomers . Whatever your needs, we will tailor our resources to produce the best solutions and outcomes.

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