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Our Services: Work


Understanding your business and brand 

Establishing a deep connection with your audience is the reason to build a brand. We’ve seen firsthand that a well-built strategy leads to compelling creative that will move someone to action and change the trajectory of your organization forever.

We start by digging in deep to get to the heart of what matters most about you and present a detailed plan for engaging your audience. From there we’ll get to work crafting inspiring and powerful creative tools that meet your audience’s needs and make them a loyalist for life.


  • Deep Dive Business Review across key brands and products

  • Brand Research and Competitive Reviews

  • Product Review Strategies

  • Quantify problems and identify risks in developing product and brand.

  • Gain strategic insights into business imperatives to ensure marketing and sales are aligned.

  • Social Media Asset Review



Let us handle everything

We help businesses to sell their brand by creating a call to action narrative through rich content. We call it STORYSELLING. To craft your narrative, we use analytics data, results from UnderCover Ops™ review and years of experience developing award winning brand strategies. One of our most successful program the Charge & Trust Training Program aims to align internal Sales & Marketing teams. We also provide StorySelling creative advertising campaign training to sales teams, to ensure a unified customer experience. 

Our Core Services Include:

  • Brand Strategy and Creative Brand Development

  • Our AWARD Winning Creative Team - Creative Development

  • Brand Positioning and Story Development (STORYSELLING)

  • Creative Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

  • Marketing and Media Channel Strategy Development

  • Media Buying 

  • Promotional Sales Strategies to compliment Brand Creative

  • Outsourced Marketing Department Troops onsite at your business

  • Customer Experience Strategies 

  • CRM Recommendations and Implementation

  • Internal Creative Services

  • Charge & Trust Training Program™


What sets Us apart



We have a strong point of difference when it comes to managing our clients social channels. We are first and foremost a Brand Marketing & Sales Group, meaning that our focus is on driving business results, not just "likes" and engagement".  Our experienced social team works right alongside the rest of our client management team to ensure that social media strategy and content does not operate in isolation to the rest of your marketing activity, a pure social agency cannot provide this offering.

Being a brand marketing and sales group we ensure your business strategy and socials are aligned to overall marketing KPIs and your business goals.

Our Core Services Include:

Digital Strategy 

Social Media Strategy

Content Creative 

Content Development/Production

Community Management 

Paid Social Media




Results you’ll love

Our Sales Force department starts with an UnderCover Ops review either in partnership with the key stakeholders or your business' to ensure we understand the core strategic marketing and sales objectives of our client business. We also provide experienced outsourced  Sales and Marketing troops that will work within your businesses to develop and implement successful sales and marketing strategies and processes.

Our Core Services Include:

  • Business Development and Sales Strategies

  • Strategic Development of Operational Rhythms and customised Digital VMBs

  • Customised Brand Campaign & Media Sales Data Dashboards
  • Customised Sales Strategies aligned to Marketing or existing campaigns

  • Team Drill - Sales and Marketing Campaign Training

  • CRM Recommendations, Implementation and Training

  • Sales structure development and recommendations

  • Aligning Sales & Marketing Operations

  • Frontline Forces Framework™ sales team training

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