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Results you’ll love

Our Sales Force department starts with an UnderCover Ops review either in partnership with Brand Control or separately to ensure we understand the core business and sales objectives of our client business.  We also provide experienced outsourced  Sales and Marketing troops that will work within your businesses to develop and implement successful sales and marketing strategies and processes.

Our Core Services Include:

  • Business Development and Sales Strategies

  • Strategic Development of Operational Rhythms and customised Digital VMBs

  • Customised Brand Campaign & Media Sales Data Dashboards
  • Customised Sales Strategies aligned to Marketing or existing campaigns

  • Team Drill - Sales and Marketing Campaign Training

  • CRM Recommendations, Implementation and Training

  • Sales structure development and recommendations

  • Aligning Sales & Marketing Operations

  • Sales Leadership Coaching

  • Frontline Forces Framework™ sales team training

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Getting all the research facts right 

What does it take to succeed in the Transformative Age? The nature of work is evolving fast, new generations are now dominating the workforce and we’re all being asked to adopt new behaviors — to be more innovative, more agile, more collaborative, more everything. Our  UnderCover Ops™ research program is designed to create sustainable business value by taking a broader approach by evaluating, brand, technology, operations, culture and employee experience.  Our team investigates the entire brand and business and goes behind the lines. We believe better behaviour and questions come from better connections . Our Program is all about developing your brand positioning, increasing business performance and enhancing workplace experience (WX).


  • Deep Dive Business Operational Business Review

  • Brand Research and Competitive Reviews

  • Confidential UnderCover Talent and Structure Reviews

  • Business Cost Reduction Strategies

  • Proactive workforce planning and talent strategies

  • Quantify problems and identify risks.

  • Gain strategic insights into business imperatives and talent implications.

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Let us handle everything

We help businesses to sell their brand by creating a call to action narrative through rich content. We call it STORYSELLING. To craft your narrative, we use analytics data, results from UnderCover Ops™ review and years of experience developing award winning brand strategies. One of our most successful program the Charge & Trust Training Program aims to align internal Sales & Marketing teams. We also provide StorySelling creative advertising campaign training to sales teams, to ensure a unified customer experience. 

Our Core Services Include:

  • Brand Strategy and Creative Brand Development

  • Brand Positioning and Story Development (STORYSELLING)

  • Marketing and Media Channel Strategy Development

  • Digital and Social Strategy - including media buying

  • Promotional Sales Strategies to compliment Brand Creative

  • Outsourced Marketing Department Troops onsite at your business

  • Customer Experience Strategies 

  • CRM Recommendations and Implementation

  • Internal Creative Services

  • Charge & Trust Training Program™


What sets Us apart

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We do it right

At The Generals Daughters our philosophies focus on working directly with your people and outsourcing our elite sales and marketing team to improve your brand story. Our services are designed to enhance Sales Performance and Marketing Strategy and whilst we have full time resources in brand and marketing strategy, sales and workforce planning as well as design within the Brand Ignition Department.


We don’t pretend to be able to do everything in house. At The Generals Daughters we have extensive relationships and our Secret Army includes preferred suppliers that we like to work with on behalf of our clients, ensuring our costs always remain competitive. They encompass:

Advertising Agencies, Media Strategy & Buying, Digital Production, Public Relations and High-Level Executive Coaching, CRM Implementation.